What cars can you find at The Petersen Museum?

The museum has over 100 vehicles on display in its 25 galleries and it is one of the largest car museums in the world.

The museum is divided in 1) automotive artistry, showcasing an array of extravagant automobiles 2) industrial engineering—including design, performance, and a collection of interactive teaching exhibits and 3) history of the automobile, with an emphasis on the car culture of.



Some of the cars, automotive memorabilia are:

-extensive Porsche exhibit (until January 2019), including the rare 1939 Porsche 64, one of only two in existence.

-exhibit on the history of the Japanese automotive industry, with many cars on view from Japanese collections An exhibit on powered children's racecars

-The NASCAR Herbie used during filming of Herbie Fully Loaded and Suki's hot pink Honda S2000 from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

-Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar Cars and Cars 2

-1967 Ford MKIII GT40 1956 Jaguar XKSS formerly owned by Steve McQueen

-2011 Ford Fiesta from Ken Block’s Gymkhana 3

-1992 Batmobile from Batman Returns

-Ferrari 308 GTS Targa used by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.

-De Tomaso Pantera which belonged to Elvis Presley

-one of the DeLorean time machines from Back to the Future

-Luke Skywalker's landspeeder from Star Wars P

-Plymouth XNR built by Gotham Garage on Car Masters: Rust to Riches



How the Petersen Museum is born?

Founded on 11 June 1994 by Robert E. Petersen (founder of Hot Rod and Motor Trend magazines) together with his wife, Margie, the Petersen Automotive Museum is managed by the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation.

The museum received a $100-million gift from Margie Petersen and the Margie & Robert E. Petersen Foundation in April 2011, which includes cash and the property the museum was leasing, as well as many of the vehicles belonging to the Petersens.


When the Petersen Museums opened?

The museum, established in 1994, showcases racing cars, vintage cars, motorcycles and vehicles used in Hollywood films inside a building built in 1962 and designed by Welton Becker.

The renovation of the building, inaugurated on December 5, 2015, involved the construction of a "body" around the pre-existing "frame" of the building, which includes 308 metal strips that wrap around the bright red building.

The visual effect of the metal ribbons recalls the speed and movement of cars.


Where is located the Petersen Museum?

The Petersen Automotive Museum is located on Wilshire Boulevard along Museum Row in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.






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