What engine is the 6 cylinder boxer:  a boxer six engine, it is a six-cylinder piston engine with three cylinders on each side of a central crankshaft engine, where each pair of opposed cylinders moves inwards and outwards at the same time..

What is the 6 cylinder boxer displacement: it is in a range between 2193 cc and 3996 cc in recent model line up powertrain.

How much is the power of the 6 boxer: the power of the 6 boxer is in a range from 165 bhp to 700 bhp

Which cars use 6 cylinder boxer engine: Porsche on Boxster, Cayman, 718, and 911 models. Porsche uses boxer 6 as in rear position and used flat-six engines exclusively since 1963. The engines were air-cooled until 1999, when Porsche started using water-cooled engines. Only other automotive manufacturer to use 6 boxer is Subaru on Legacy, Outback and Tribeca high end models.

A boxer-style flat-six engine is able to have perfect primary and secondary balance. As in other six-cylinder engines, the overlapping of the power strokes of the different cylinders (with a firing interval of 120 degrees in a four-stroke engine) reduces the pulsating of the power delivery relative to that of similar engines with fewer cylinders.

In a boxer configuration, a flat-six engine does not have a rocking couple. The symmetry of the arrangement, in which one bank of three cylinders is mirrored by the other bank, means that there is no net force from any given mirrored cylinder pair along the axis of movement of the pistons. So not only is there no net primary or secondary reciprocating effect, there is no net turning force moment that would try to rotate the engine back and forth about its engine mountings.  In this regard, the six cylinder boxer engine is the same as a flat-four boxer engine, which also does not experience any rocking couple.

These characteristics result in low vibration for flat-six engines (as in straight-six engines), especially when compared with the imbalances that are present in V6 engines with a 90-degree bank angle.

Firing order is 1-6-2-4-3-5


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